Carpet beetles

Insecta Coleoptera

Most Active


Life cycle

  • Egg, larva, pupa, adult emerges spring/summer.
  • Life-cycle lasts seven months, if not longer.


Surface spray recommended. Treat entrances, carpets, skirting boards, under furniture and crevices.

Identification Description Habitat Damage Symptoms Active

Bed Bugs, Insecta, Coleoptera

image ADULTS: 2-6 mm; black or mottled; compact, rounded body. LARVAE: 4-7 mm; brown; covered in bristles Larvae found in dark, undisturbed areas (under furniture, closets); adults are attracted to light – may cluster near windows Larvae feed on dry animal based materials, e.g. wool, silk, fur; damage caused to carpets, clothing, wool insulation Year round. Adults often seen in spring/summer