Bed Bugs

Insecta, Hemiptera

Most Active


Life cycle

  • Egg, nymph, adult.
  • Can survive long periods without feeding.


Use surface Spray in infested areas, for example carpets, floor areas, in cupboards and wardrobes, and around furniture, bookshelves and skirting boards. Do not apply to clothing or bed linen.

Identification Description Habitat Damage Symptoms Active

Bed Bugs, Insecta, Hemiptera

image 4-5mm; brown; wingless; dorso-ventrally flattened Blood feeding pest. During the day hide in cracks/crevices; feed at night. Heavy infestations produce a sweet, sickly smell. Bites can be itchy. Does not transmit any diseases. Survive long periods without feeding Year round, summer & autumn peak